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Grade 3 Beginning of the End!

Greetings, I hope everyone is feeling well and warm. This week began with a little bit of the same from last week. Monday saw us have a considerable number of students away and joining lessons online. This was the same for the rest of the week and we started by doing a few activities on rights and responsibilities.


Tuesday was the end of unit 5, which saw us complete two review activities. This was a good activity as it saw us close out an important unit on Rights and Responsibility.


Wednesday and Thursday saw us begin with unit 6 which is all about the study of plants. The first type of plant that we have studied so far is trees. We will continue with this topic on Friday as we will begin with our plant diaries and this will be the theme for unit 6, where students will continue to collect and draw different species of plants and include some information on these different species.


With coronavirus numbers at a high especially in Nagano Prefecture, and the weather coming with a lot of snow, P.E lessons were held indoors on Tuesday, but the weather cleared up on Thursday and the students were able to get a good P.E lesson around the school yard.


Next Monday will be a big day, as the Japanese CRT test will be conducted and written. We hope this will be good and positive for the students. Good luck to everyone! Have a good weekend, see you next time!