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Grade 3 – Rights and Responsibilities!

Greetings from grade 3, and another cold week. We hope everyone had a good and productive week. The week started off with a new focus as we began our 2nd Line of Inquiry, of Unit 5, which is all about Rights and Responsibilities. Monday saw us dive a little deeper and focus on children’s rights and responsibilities. We watched a two part cartoon short film with the different rights of children by UNICEF. It was great as the students enjoyed this activity and had to think based on each part, which children’s rights were being shown.


This was particularly needed and interesting as the students also got the opportunity to learn about rights they were not aware of. Tuesday and Wednesday was a bit more fun as we had a painting activity. The students had to paint and portray one specific right that they had learned about on Monday. Most of the students displayed a great understanding and feeling of the children’s rights, with some students showing little patience for this activity as well.


“With great power, comes great responsibility.” Uncle Ben quotes come good for days like Thursday, as we started to look at the other side of this coin. It can be easily forgotten that responsibility is just as vital as the rights and so we started learning about this. For this activity we looked at different professions and students had to think of the rights, but more importantly the responsibilities of different professionals, such as doctors, teachers and police officers. We also discussed the responsibilities of students with the hope that this will be that bit more relatable to them.

“大きな力には、大きな責任が伴う” ベンおじさんの名言はコインの裏側に注目し始めた木曜日にぴったりでした。権利と同じように責任も重要であることを学び始めました。このアクティビティでは、さまざまな職業に注目し、医師、教師、警察官など、さまざまな専門家の権利と、それ以上に重要な責任について考えてもらいました。また、生徒たちの責任についても話し合い、少しでも親近感を持ってもらえるようにと考えました。

As usual, Fridays are reserved for music lessons and hopefully students are excited for this as well. Friday will also focus on what are the results or consequences of not keeping to your responsibilities as much as your rights. We close off with some art, and we hope that everyone will have a great weekend and a productive week ahead!