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Aurora's Halloween Party 2020 (Oct.26-30)

This year, the Halloween party was held in school by classes to avoid contact to many people. This is one of the most awaited events of the students because everybody is excited to wear the costumes of their favorite cartoon, superhero, or Halloween characters. Let’s take a look on Aurora’s amazing Halloween costumes!


Aside from costumes, students also look forward for the exciting Halloween games! In Aurora, we played Pumpkin Twister and Halloween Bingo. To play the game Pumpkin Twister, the teacher spins the spinner board and the players do what it says. They have to stand with their feet and touch the specific color of the pumpkin base on where the spinner stops. Whoever stays longer and gets the instructions right will be the winner. It was very fun and a little bit challenging for our boys and girls! For Halloween Bingo, students used crayons to mark the Halloween images to be called by the teacher and whoever gets 5 images straight in a row will be the winner!


In UOI lesson, we read another book “Have you filled a bucket today?” which explains how to fill their own and others bucket. This book is easier to understand for their age and it gives many ideas about being a bucket filler and a bucket dipper.


We also started to make props for the Christmas show play. The first two tables created a bunch of hay using shredded paper. They pasted this material on the cardboard. Others will make sticks and bricks props next time.


Aurora is also doing good job in practicing the lines for the play The Three Little Pigs. They’re starting to say the lines with big voices. We are working on saying the lines clearer and staying them focused during the practices.


Thank you for reading Aurora’s blog! Have a wonderful weekend!