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G3- New Week, new beginnings.

Art & Culture

Our Central Idea for the next 8 weeks is, “People convey culture through art?”. We began Monday and Tuesday by exploring “What makes culture?”. We decided that some of the many elements of culture include, language, nature, art, food, people, animals, music, sport, clothes, architecture, science and technology. We also concluded that people without culture cannot exist.

On Wednesday we divided into groups, each with a focus on a specific aspect of Japanese culture. Next week the groups will report back with their findings in a presentation form. The presentations will be a minimum of 5 minutes and we will look to develop our presentation techniques by reducing the amount of text on screen as well as using less special effects in our digital mediums.

Performance Prep

On Friday December 18th, Grade 3 will take to the stage in Matsumoto with an original production of our own creating. After much deliberation we decided upon “Avatar: The Last Airbender” as the inspiration for our performance.

This week we had the first read through of our script and will now begin to finalize the story. It is both exciting and nerve-tingling to think that in only two months from now, we will be ready (!?) to bring it to an audience.

Any help that can be offered during our preparation, especially with costumes, would be most appreciated.

Stay tuned!