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New Fun Activities! (Aurora Sept. 27- Oct. 2)

The weather has been cold for this week. Aurora students performed more active exercises on their Music class and at the gym.


It was very fun imitating the movements of cats and flamingos. Our boys and girls tried to copy how the cats walk and how flamingos stand on their long legs and keep their balance while standing on one foot! They also run back and forth having different starting positions!


In Music class, they needed a partner to do their new activity which is to move like a calm and strong wind. They really liked doing strong wind! They also practiced playing castanets for our Christmas show. The song chosen for this is Santa Clause is Coming to Town!


For UOI, we conducted an interview for each student to reflect on Unit 2. We asked some questions about the lessons that they liked and being clean and organized. They were able to answer some of the questions with explanation based on their what they have learned. Next week, we’ll start on the new unit which is How We Express Ourselves!


In phonics, we are now at the letter V as in van, vacuum cleaner, vase, vulture, and vest. They finished writing the uppercase letter V.


In math, we practiced rote counting up to 60, counted objects up to 12, wrote number 12, and played pass the ball!


Have a great weekend everyone! Thank you for reading our blog!