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House Cleaning Project (Aurora Sept. 23-25)

Aurora class just finished the Unit 2: How We Organize Ourselves and we had our assessment this week. This assessment covers all the lessons that we learned for the unit which is about organizing, cleaning, and doing 3 R’s.


The class was divided into 4 groups and each group had a big house to clean and organize. The house was very messy and dirty all over each room. There were toys, books, clean and dirty clothes, and garbage spread everywhere, running water, and the TV and lights were on. Everyone participated and were able to look for a specific thing to do until they totally finished cleaning the house. They put the clean clothes in the closet and the dirty clothes in the washing machine and laundry basket, turned off the lights and TV, recycled the garbage, cleaned up the toys and books, stopped the running water, swept the cookie crumbs on the floor, and scrubbed the toilet! That was so amazing and well done!


Our boys and girls had fun in our math activity! We played pass the ball with a twist. They have to pass the ball to their friends while the music plays. Then, when the music stops, the student holding the ball will get a number card and has to count blocks according to the number he picked. This was so funny because when they already got how the game goes, they didn’t want to pass the ball and just waiting for the music to stop. We’ll try again next time so that others can have a chance to pick a card and count blocks!


In phonics, we were now at the letter U which produce two different sounds as in umbrella and unicorn. We also practiced writing the uppercase letter U.


Since Aurora students have been helping the earth by doing the 3 R’s, we gave them a medal for being an Earth Hero! Congratulations to all you little heroes!

そしてUnit2を終えて、オーロラのみんなは地球のヒーローになることができました!3つのRで地球を守る手助けができました👍 地球を守るヒーローには、素敵なメダルが送られました🏅

That’s it for this very short week! Have a nice weekend!