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Use It Again! (Aurora Aug. 24-26)

“You must not throw them away. Let me have them.” (Diane Samuels)


For this week UOI, our class talked about the second way to help the earth which is REUSE. This means to use some materials like PET bottles, paper/plastic bags, glass/plastic jars, and empty boxes again after using them for the first time. Instead of throwing those away, we can make something still useful out of them. We found out that some of our Aurora students are reusing shopping plastic bags. Instead of using a brand new plastic bags for school they use the ones they had when they went to grocery store or supermarket. We also watched a video on how things can be used again. We discovered that we can make some toys using a box, a paper bag, a jar, and a disposable cup. A box can turn into a car or a fire engine. A paper bag can turn into a puppet. A disposable cup can turn into a rocket ship. A jar can turn into a robot. Everyone was very amazed with what they watched and very excited to make one at the end of this unit.

まずは再利用できるものは何かを学びます。ビニール袋、ペットボトル。空の箱、グラス・プラスティックのジャー等々、色々なものを再利用できることが分かりました!また、オーロラさんのみんなで、これらの物を使って何が作れるか考えてみました💡 先生が「みんなも実は再利用しているものがあるよ!みんな自分のロッカーを見てごらん!」と言うとみんな声を揃えて「プラスティックバッグ!」と気づきました。再利用についてのビデオも見ました。ティッシュの箱で、車や消防車を作ったり、カップや缶でロケットを作ったり、紙袋ではパペットも作れることが分かり、みんなとても喜んでいました!このユニットの最後にみんなで再利用できる物でクラフトをすることを伝えると、とても興奮していました😉🚀🚒🚙

They also answered a worksheet about reduce and reuse. They identified if the given resources are examples of reduce and reuse by encircling the appropriate symbol. It was very surprising that most of them got all the correct answers! Well done, Aurora!


Our boys and girls did a great job in practicing on their dance performance and running race. We practiced in school and at the gym and everybody was very cooperative and had been very good followers and listeners to the teachers. We’ll continue to practice more and give their best on the day of the event!


In phonics, we finished writing uppercase letter Q and learned new words such as queen, quiet, question mark, quail, quill, and quarter.


That’s all we did for three days! Have a great long weekend!