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Parent's little helper (Aurora Aug. 3-7)

This week, Aurora made another space themed craft which is a rocket ship🚀! First, they painted the toilet paper roll. Second, they taped both sides of the semicircle colored paper to make a nose cone of the rocket. Next, they cut a circle for its window. Then, pasted them on the toilet paper roll. Finally, the teachers printed and glued their pictures on their rockets! What a colourful rocket ships!🚀🚀🚀

今週のオーロラさんのクラフトはスポーツフェスティバル用のロケットを創りました。保護者の皆さまのご協力で集めたトイレットペーパーの芯を使ったクラフトです。まずは絵の具で色を塗り、半円の色紙をテープで貼り ロケットの先端を作ります。 そして小さい紙を丸く切りロケットの窓を作りロケットに貼り付けます。最後はロケットの煙となるビニールテープを指で裂いて出来上がり!

Aurora has been practicing two dances for the Sports Festival. Everyone was getting better in dancing!


Our class finished the LOI2: Importance of Cleanliness and our last activity was about keeping the house clean. They presented their assignment photos doing a household chore. We had a Show and Tell. Students showed the pictures to the class and told us what they were doing in the picture. They were able to say: I’m sweeping the floor. I’m wiping the table. I’m cleaning the bathroom., etc. And we are happy to hear that some of the students continue to help at home to keep their houses clean. Well done, Aurora.



Our boys and girls did a great job in packing their clothes and cleaning their lockers! Using a wet rag, they wiped their lockers and baskets. They had just shown how to keep our classroom clean and organized, and how they could clean up after themselves. Well done, Aurora!


We had new activities in Music class. Now, another card was added which is blue. They practiced tapping each colour with a stick: red, white, yellow, and blue. It’s also their first time to use a pair of rhythm sticks to produced slow and fast beats!


Our letter focus this week was letter O as in oven, orange, ostrich, octopus, onion, and olives.


Number Bingo Game was also fun! We finished recognizing numbers 1 to 10 through this game. Next time, we’ll have more numbers to find in our cards!




And oh, we’ll have a long holidays! Hope you guys enjoy the upcoming days with your families!