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Grade 1 “The Three Little Pigs” play

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for coming to the Christmas Show. The first graders did their best making our theater play successful. It was indeed wonderful and we got lots of positive comments from parents and from other colleagues. Thank you for being part of our victory.


In this week, Grade 1 students created their own play entitled, “The Three Little Pigs”. They grouped themselves into five and decided the cast of characters by themselves. They were also given the chance to practice by their own, made their own props, and reflected by themselves using the several relevant elements in their play. They have shown the learner profile as thinkers, knowledgeable and inquirers during the preparation process.


On their performance day, I heard some of them said like, I feel nervous now or I’m excited. They had different emotions, but at the actual performance, they had shown preparedness and were being risk takers by performing their play with confidence.

After the performance, they reflected and chose the best group who they thought have used several relevant elements of theater play the best.


Then, before the week ends, we went to the park near Lala Matsumoto to jog. The weather was very relaxing and we had fun with our relay activity.


Have a great weekend everyone!