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Grade 4, 5 and 6: Our favorite things

Hello, everyone! Last week was the pinnacle of excitement for Grades 4, 5 and 6. On the 13th, they got to present their Christmas performance of “Monster Island” to all of you after months and months of hard work and preparation. In the hours leading up to the performance, the children couldn’t hide their excitement and a little bit of nervousness backstage, but, once the performance started, they were completely in their element and did a wonderful job. Did you like the performance? What was your favorite part? After they performed, the student (and their teachers) were visibly relieved and went on to enjoy their well-deserved rest. Thank you to all of you who came on the day and who supported the students’ efforts during the preparation of the show. ⭐

This week, the students reflected on their performance and the long Unit of inquiry that they have completed, dealing with arts and using them to express someone’s culture. The next Unit, starting in January, will deal with sustainability and how we can protect our Earth and ensure it a prosperous future. We’ve also resumed are usual lesson program by learning about banking and savings and deposit accounts in Math, different types of mixtures in Science, as well a starting a new reading book, on which we will focus on during the next two months. The book is “Treasure Island” by R.L. Stevenson and it is also available in audio book format if some parts prove to be a bit too challenging for the students.

On Friday, we used a free morning to get some much needed exercise, running and ball games at Alps Park. The students were excited to be in the green after several months of playing in the school’s yard and this served as a perfect ending to this year’s lessons. Next week is Winter Program. Hope you can join us there as well! ❄️