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Grade 1 “Elements of Theatre Play”

Hello everyone,
It’s good to feel the autumn with cool, breezy temperatures and seeing different colors of trees everywhere. How awesome!
In this week, the first graders have worked on unit four with our Transdisciplinary Theme, “How we express ourselves”. Here, we talked about the elements of drama or play and we watched a video of a theater. For us to be able to gain more ideas and to understand deeper about the unit, we watched a video of the last year’s Christmas Show performance-Peter Pan. We reflected what we have learned and began to prepare for our own performance.

We were very privileged to have our P.E lesson with Ms. Isabel this week at the huge park near Lala Matsumoto. The first graders showed being risk takers by engaging in new activities and have tried their best to show their self-management skills.

Finally, we have our computer in our class. After practicing how to type with the correct finger position, now we can apply our knowledge using the real computer keyboard. This week, we learned how to sign in and sign out. It was a great success!

Have a great weekend everyone. 良い週末をお過ごしください。