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Grade 4 and 5: Campaigning for a better ISN

Hello, everyone. We’ve had a cloudy week behind us due to the typhoons, but luckily no rain! Grade 4 and 5 (and 6! since our visitor Chihiro is still with us) have used the time in the best way they could – doing gym lessons and playing lots of sports and games in front of the school and in L’ala park. 🌼
In UOI lessons, the students interviewed other Elementary students and discussed their own ideas about what rights and responsibilities an ISN student might have. These were collected into a manifesto presented in a form of a poster the students designed themselves and thus completed the third Line of Inquiry of this Unit. The only thing left to do before embarking on our next Unit is the summative assessment, during which the students will participate in ISN Elementary’s own student representative election. The students have a task to think about things they and their fellow students would like to improve within the school, think of their election program and speech, design an election poster and campaign. The campaign activities started already and will continue throughout next week, culminating with the election itself. 📋
The students are also feeling excited about the upcoming Christmas show – they have already finished writing two of the shows songs and we have come up with the concept of our stage design! 🐍
In this week’s Math lesson, the students have practiced their knowledge of rounding up, multiplying and dividing decimal numbers and numbers with three or more digits and learned about two properties of division and multiplication: commutative and associative. In English, they wrote a poem about the book “Wonder”, inspired by a songwriter who wrote a song about helping disabled people. In their other lessons, they continued talking about the nervous system, taxonomy, Egyptian pharaohs and making beautiful, ancient world-inspired pottery art. Did you know that women weren’t allowed to rule in ancient Egypt so sometimes they would dress as men? Our History lessons regarding Ancient Egypt are tying in beautifully with our UOI learning about current rulers and modern governments. 👑
Have a lovely weekend! ⭐
英語の授業は、障害者を助ける歌を書いたソングライターに感銘を受け、ワンダーの本について詩を書きました。その他の授業では、神経系、分類学、エジプトのファラオ、美しい古代の世界にヒントを得て粘土で陶芸を作りました。古代エジプトでは女性が支配することは許されていなかったので、時には女性が男性の格好をすることもあったことを知っていましたか? 古代エジプトに関する歴史の授業では、現在の支配者と現代政治について学んでいる探究の単元(UOI)とちょうど上手く結びつきました。👑