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2nd & 3rd Grade: July 15th – 18th

Grade 2 and 3 had a busy week! On Friday we had Sports Day. Elementary school students divided into three teams, red, blue and yellow and competed against each other. There were three parts to the program–1. games 2. performances 3. games with family. We finished the day dancing to Matsumoto Bon Bon. Everyone tried their best! Sports Day was a great success! Practicing sports helps our bodies physically and our brains mentally. It also helps build teamwork and develop communications skills.

On Tuesday we had a bus trip. We went to Ushgushi-ga-hara. We hiked, saw cows and petted ponies. We ate lunch at the highest point. It was so beautiful! Then we went to the open-air art museum. We walked around and saw different art sculptures and played in the children’s museum. It was a great day! Having a day away from our regular school environment is important for building relationships and experiential learning.

For our unit of inquiry we worked on our final project. The final project has two parts: craft and speech. Our final project is making our own invention that will help improve people’s lives in the future. First we had to fill out a worksheet with various questions that will help us write our speech. Our speeches are related to all three lines of inquiry. We will talk about how our projects will be a part of new industries and will help change lifestyles. We will also talk about how it will affect the economy. Students’ inventions include a smart brain, airplane ticket phone and math teacher robot. They are all really creative. Ms. Ellen is looking forward to listening to and filming everyone’s speeches tomorrow!

We watched upper elementary’s summative assessment presentations. Their unit was about artificial intelligence (AI). Students created their own AI products. Upper elementary students are great role models for us. Since their final project is similar to ours, they inspired us with both their product ideas and presentations styles.

This week was one of classmates’ last day at ISN. We will miss you! We hope you will come back to Matsumoto and visit us soon! Good luck!

We had a loiterer drill this week. We need to know what do if a stranger enters our school. Safety is important at International School of Nagano!

Serving lunch. Check out our new aprons! 給食の盛り付け係は、新しいエプロンを着ています!

We celebrated three birthdays this week. Happy birthday, guys! 3人のクラスメートの誕生日をお祝いしました。お誕生日おめでとう!

We read Tommy Tales books and did discussion questions during guided reading.

Tomorrow is our last day of unit 2. There will be a closing ceremony. We will also finish our final project and do unit reflections. Ms. Ellen has really enjoyed working with G2/3. Thanks for all the memories this trimester!
Let’s enjoy the summer program!