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Grade 4 and 5: Sports Day! スポーツデイ!

Hello, everyone!

There was excitement in the air this week throughout the entire Elementary school, leading up to Friday’s Sports Day! On both Monday and Thursday, the students spent the morning at Shimauchi gym, making sure they have practiced enough and were ready for all the fun events that happened on Friday. Thank you, everyone, for coming to support the students and for joining in on the games and the bon bon dance at the end. We hope you all had a lovely time! 🏆
On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, the students have further worked on this Unit’s summative assessment task: finishing a prototype of their own idea for an Artificial Intelligence that solves one problem our society currently faces and preparing a “pitch” presentation. These will be presented in front of their audience, the Grade 2 and 3 students, on Tuesday.
In Monday’s Economics and Society lesson, the students continued exploring their own entrepreneurship ideas by doing market research – they were interviewing teachers and their fellow students about their product ideas. In English lesson, we continued reading and exploring the characters of “Wonder” and their unique traits, and in Math lessons, we focused on revising the students knowledge of mental math (mainly to do with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and fractions. Tuesday’s lesson seemed to be especially fun for students as they got to practice their Math skills through a fun game of jenga. 🎲
Our lunch preparation routine was greeted with a novelty as well: the students serving food are now required to use white aprons and head caps to protect the cleanliness of the food they serve to their classmates, as well as themselves. Another interesting addition to our classroom this week: our visitor from Australia, Ms. Danly! Danly is a 19-year-old students from Sydney who has visited ISN 2 years ago and, since she is doing a homestay in Japan again, came to visit us for three days! Everyone enjoying spending time with her and asking her lots of questions. Thank you for coming, Danly!
Have a lovely long weekend! 🍀
また、オーストラリア・シドニーから19歳の学生Ms. Danlyが私たちのクラスへ来てくれました。彼女は2年前にもISNに来たことがあります。今回また日本にホームステイに来ているので、3日間ISNへも来てくれました。みんな彼女と一緒の生活を楽しんでたくさん質問をしていました。Danly、来てくれてありがとうございました!
よい3日連休をお過ごしください。 🍀