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2nd & 3rd Grade: July 8th – 11th 2・3年生:7月8日~11日

Hello from International School of Nagano’s 2nd and 3rd grade class! The main activity this week was Sports Day preparation. We practiced everyday. Ms. Ellen and Mr. Atsushi were so proud of how hard we worked and how we well focused. We’ve learned so much in P.E. in this year and we can’t wait to show you our fitness level and teamwork skills tomorrow!

Enjoying the Matsumoto sunshine!

For our unit of inquiry we learned about resources. Producers use three kinds of resources–capital, human and natural, to make goods or provide services. To introduce this topic we first reviewed what economics is. Then we did a class discussion and wrote our own original ideas in our journals.

We also introduced the third line of inquiry—requirements for new industry. Industries are constantly changing and adapting to people’s wants and needs. An example we explored was the communication industry and how the telephone has changed over time. Then students conducted their own research project using futuristic inventions, like jet packs, underwater cities and driverless cars. We filled out a profile worksheet relating the inventions to both the central idea and the economic concepts we have studied.

During contract time, we made our own original Tommy Tales books and read two RAZ books with a partner. We also did FRY words and correct the grammar mistakes worksheet. On Wednesday, we worked in our math books and created art. Contract time is a great way to practice our self-management skills!

For guided reading we continued reading the Tommy Tales fiction series. We reflected on the books this week by creating discussion groups. Each group had to examine six questions. Then we shared our thoughts as a class.

Our extracurricular activity of the week was reflecting on our self-management skills. Using IB’s approaches to learning, we discussed topics such as time management, organization and codes of behavior. We are working hard to manage ourselves so that we can become more independent learners.

We enjoyed cooking class this week. We made blueberry and raspberry muffins. Thank you Ms. Keiko for teaching us life skills!

We really enjoy playing kendama and UNO during our free time before school starts.

School lunches are so delicious!

Silent reading time. We go to the library everyday to check out new books.

Next week will be our last week of unit two. We are looking forward to doing our final project and unit reflections. See you tomorrow morning at Sports Day!





コントラクトタイム(自習時間)では、自分達のオリジナルTommy Tales本を作り、パートナーとRAZ本を2冊読みました。フライワードや文法間違え探しワークシートも学習しました。水曜日は、算数の問題を解き、アートも作りました。コントラクトタイムは、自己管理スキルを鍛えるとても素晴らしい方法ですね!

ガイディッドリーディングは、先週に引き続きTommy Talesフィクションシリーズを読みました。今週は、ディスカッションするグループにわかれ、本について振り返りました。各グループは、6つの質問を調べ、クラス全体で自分達の考えを出し合い共有しました。