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2nd & 3rd Grade: July 1st – 4th

Economics! Ethics! Dance! We did many things in International School of Nagano’s 2nd and 3rd grade class.

For our unit of inquiry, we continued learning about bartering. To better understand the concept watched a video and played a game. We compared and contrasted the two activities. This assessment showed that we understood bartering.

We also did a project that brought together all of the economic concepts we had been talking about. We created our own community and, in a student driven discussion, we talked about the different elements of an economy such as money, goods, services, consumers and producers. Each student then chose a job and wrote about how they would contribute to the community. We did a craft and created products for our jobs, which we both bartered and sold using fake money. This real-life simulation brought to life how economic systems work and how they affect everyone and everything we do.

During this project, we displayed many of our learner profiles. We were reflective when we thought about we had learned. We were thinkers when we chose our professions and made our craft and we were communicators when we exchanged our goods and services.

Another important highlight of this week was our ethics lessons. As IB students we are striving to be caring and open-minded citizens. In the first activity we anonymously wrote one nice thing about each of our classmates. Ms. Ellen typed them and gave us a copy. Students felt good about getting compliments from their classmates and saw the importance of building self-confidence and teamwork.

In our second activity we read Carol McCloud’s book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? In her book the author talks about how everyone carries around an invisible bucket. When people’s buckets are full, they are happy and when people’s buckets are empty, they are sad. People’s buckets can be filled when others do nice things for them or they do nice things for others. We did a sorting activity and then made our own buckets. This lesson should help make our classroom and school a nicer place!

In our diaries we reflected on how we could help fill someone’s bucket.

We were busy during contract time! We worked in our math books, read two RAZ books and practiced our FRY words.

We also did a correct-the-grammar-mistakes worksheet. It was difficult. Ms. Ellen quizzed us on punctuation, common and proper nouns, articles (the, a and an) and past tense.

In our creative writing task, we wrote our unique Tommy Tales book. We had to include—like our guided reading story cubes activity—the theme, setting, characters, conflict and resolution. Ms. Ellen was very entertained with everyone’s imaginative stories!

Other tasks included reflections about our unit of inquiry. For example, making art about a future invention or industry and a video about economics. Ms. Ellen told us that we were very motivated and focused this week!

We are continuing to have P.E. class with Mr. Atsushi. On two occasions we took the bus to a local gym. P.E. is fun and interesting with Mr. Atsushi. We can’t wait to show you all of the work we are doing for Sports Day!

Other activities include…

Singing Sekai no Owari’s Dragon Night song during our morning meeting.

Reading Tommy Tales books during guided reading.

Making Story Cubes to reflect on our readings. 

Lunch Time!

Matsumoto Bon Bon dance practice.

See you next week on Friday, July 12th for Sports Day!


探究の単元は、私たちは物々交換について引き続き学びました。概念をよりよく理解するために、ビデオを見てゲームをしました。 そして、2つの活動を比較して対比させました。この総括的評価の課題は皆が物々交換を理解しているかどうかが分かります。これまで話してきた経済的概念を纏めたプロジェクトも行いました。私達は自分達のコミュニティを作り、子ども達主導でお金、商品、サービス、消費者、生産者などの経済の様々な要素について話し合いました。



今週のもう一つの大切な授業は、道徳です。IBの生徒として、思いやりのある人、心を開く人(オープンマインド)になれるよう毎日意識して取り組んでいます。最初に行ったアクティビティは、匿名でクラスメートの良いところを書きました。Ms. Ellenがその紙をタイプして印刷した紙を本人へ渡しました。クラスメイトからの褒め言葉や良いメッセージを貰い、みんなとても嬉しそうでした。自信とチームワークを構築することは大切なことだと気付くことができたと思います。

2つめのアクティビティでは、Carol McCloud著書「今日はバケツをいっぱいにしましたか?」を読みました。この本は、どのように誰もが見えないバケツを持ち歩いているかについて書かれています。人々はバケツがいっぱいになると嬉しくなり、バケツが空っぽだと悲しくなります。人々のバケツは、誰かが何か良いことを自分の為にしてくれたり、自分が他の人のために素晴らしいことをしたりするといっぱいになることができます。仕分けするアクティビティも行いました。そして、自分達のバケツを作りました。このレッスンによって、クラスルームと学校がみんなにとってより良い場所になると良いと思います。


自習時間も各自頑張っていました。算数、RAZ本2冊に取り組み、フライワードの練習もしました。間違った文法を見つけるワークシートもやりましたが、難しかったようです。句読点、普通名詞、固有名詞、冠詞(the, a, an) と過去形の質問を出しました。

作文では、みんなで独自のTommy Tales本を書きました。先週導入したストーリーキューブのような、テーマ、設定、キャラクター、対立、解決を含めた作文を書きました。それぞれの想像した物語にとても楽しませていただきました!


体育の授業は、Mr. Atsushiとダンスの練習をしました。スクールバスに乗り、体育館へ行って楽しい練習をしました。日々の成果をスポーツデイで披露できることを楽しみにしています!

来週 12日(金)のスポーツデイにお会いしましょう!