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Grade 4 and 5: Abstract wonders

Hello, everyone!
The Sports Day is almost here! In order to allow more time to practice the sports and games they will engage in and their dance performance, all the grades have been practicing hard at the Shimauchi gym this week. Since this school year’s sport lessons are no longer held at the gym, this was a nice opportunity for the students to stretch their muscles in a larger space, as well as to perfect the dance performance. Please come and join the 2019 ISN Elementary Sports Day at Shimauchi gym on next Friday, July 12th, support all the students, exercise your bodies and most importantly, have fun! 🏅
The time has come to conclude our current Unit of Inquiry, dealing with AI. As their summative assessment task, the students thought of an idea for their own original Artificial Intelligence that solves a problem our society currently faces. After sketching their idea and it getting approved by the teacher, their task is to make a prototype of the AI out of craft and prepare a product pitch to convince their audience (made up of other ISN Elementary students) that their AI would actually solve the problem they noticed and that it would be a viable product for the market. 👔
This business person way of thinking tied in nicely to what the students explored in their first Economics and Society lesson, where they learn about services, goods and entrepreneurs, watched videos of children entrepreneurs and their pitches and discussed some good strategies for presenting. In Health, they learned about the human heart, veins, arteries and blood, while in Art, they explored the works of Kandinsky, one of the first painters to explore art in an abstract way. Following his examples, the students created their own works of abstract art, which are displayed in G456’s own little gallery – the hallway in front of our classroom. Please come and see them – the entry is free and you can meet the artists in person and ask them about their work! 🖼️
In English lesson, we started reading “Wonder”, a novel whose main character August was born with facial differences and is going to a public school for the first time in his life. We will continue reading and analyzing it throughout the next couple of weeks and after the summer program. 👁️
Have a lovely weekend! ☀️
今探究しているAIの探究の単元も締めくくりの時期に入りました。最終評価課題は、現在、社会が直面している問題を解決するための独自のAIについて考える事です。アイディアをスケッチして、先生がそれを確認した後に、クラフトでAIの試作品を作り、そのAIが実際に問題を解決して市場で価値を提供できる製品だということを他のISN生徒に説得する宣伝文句を考えます。👔 このビジネスパーソンの考え方は、サービス、商品、起業家について学んだことや、子どもの起業家や彼らの宣伝文句についてのビデオをみたこと、宣伝する良い方法などを学んだこと等、最初の経済と社会のレッスンで探究した内容とうまく結びつきました。