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Culture, Clothes, Cool Creations!

This week has been full of excitement and surprises! We began the week by looking back on what we had studied in Milky Way and Rainforest about culture. We remembered the various aspects of culture that was studied: clothes, food, celebrations, places, language.

We then chose our favourite topic, clothes, and started researching about the different kinds of clothes in six countries:

Japan, Mexico, Croatia, UK, Nigeria, Mongolia.

We became very very familiar with the types of clothes, the appearance and the materials. We tarted to think about why the clothes are that way, and who made the clothes. This was with the intention of connecting the concept of culture as being created and developed through history by people.

Some students have begun this same analysis with houses, and by next week all students will be creating craft houses, while being able to think about why the houses are those particular shapes, and why the houses might be made of those particular materials.

We have continued our work every day with increasing our vocabulary in the morning. We have begun doing word analysis, and looking at spelling as well. Our afternoon language lesson have been going really well as well, and we have started to thinking more deeply about how we used English, and the reasons why we need to be accurate in our words choice and grammar.

Our Singapore Math sessions are continuing nicely, with a lot of students beginning to do word problems, and becoming familiar with the language required to do such problems. In fact, on the days we don’t do Singapore Math there are always loud groans from the students! Haha!

Every morning this week we have also had dance sessions with our school’s dance expert Mr Atsushi. Our dance has become a very interesting interpretation and mix of modern dance and kumi taiso. We’re looking forward to showing everyone on sport’s day.

Next week we will dive deep into craft, creating houses from all around the world, and possibly even our own original houses too. We will see how personal identity and culture connect with our very own creations.

Have a lovely weekend!

今週も毎朝、ダンスのエキスパートMr. Atsushiとダンスの練習を行っています。組体操とモダンダンスが組み合わさったとても興味深いダンスになってきています。スポーツデイにご家族の皆さんに披露するのを楽しみにしています!