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Homes, Culture, and Math! 家・文化・算数!

This week has been our second week studying:

Homes Show Personal Identity and Culture

We began the week by describing and thinking about our own homes. We noticed the differences and similarities between our homes, and how a “home” isn’t just the building we live in but also the people we live with, and the area in which we live.

We then began researching the homes of countries from around the world, looking at similarities and differences to our own homes, and noticing interesting points. We are developing our own interest in the topic, so that later we can dive deeper into the concepts in our central idea.

Later in the week we went back to that idea of “culture” and how that relates to “identity”. We looked at some national flags again, but this time questioned why the flags use those colours, shapes and images. We realised that flags are one way that countries express their own identity. With this in mind, we created our own original flags! Some people created flags for their fantasy country, others redesigned national flags of existing countries. It was great to see the thought that went into each of the part of the flags.

This week we began using our Singapore math textbooks! Students really enjoyed the challenge of working at their own pace, and were even asking in the morning “can I do more Singapore math??”.

The development of our dance for sports day has been going well, and students have had fun deciding what moves they want to put in their performance. We have also been practicing Matsumoto Bon Bon! Grade One are now experts!!

Next week we will continue to go deeper into the homes we found interesting this week, and we will look at how in a similar way to our personal history relating to who we are, the history of country relates to the culture.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

来週は、今週興味を持った家々をもっと深く探って行きます。そして、ユニット1の私達について(セントラルアイディア:who we are) で個人の歴史を見てきたのと同様の方法で、どのように国の歴史が文化に関連するかを考えていきます。