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2nd & 3rd Grade: June 10th – 13th

Hello from international elementary! This was our second week doing unit two, Changes in Industries. We dove deeper into understanding the line of inquiry “changes in society and lifestyle.” We focused on two industries, manufacturing and transportation. Both of these industries have changed over time and people have adapted their way of living as a result.

For manufacturing, we studied the assembly line. Assembly line production (as opposed to hand-crafted materials) makes products fast and efficiently. Therefore the products are cheaper and accessible to more people. We created our own assembly line and made cubes. There were three groups. For the assembly line groups, each person was assigned a job — tracing, coloring, cutting, folding, gluing or inspecting. The assembly line groups made 5x as many cubes as the group that made their own individual cubes! At the end we discussed why we think the assembly line groups made the cubes faster and the pros and cons of assembly line production. Would we rather have products at a cheaper price (assembly line products) or have higher quality, unique products (hand-crafted products)?




For transportation, we did a simulation timing how long it took us to walk, run and bike. It turns out that cycling was 5x faster than walking! This activity gave students a hands-on experience showing how machines improved the speed of travel and introduced change to families and communities. Then we talked about various modes of transportation. In the past there were limited ways to travel but now we use trains, airplanes and space shuttles! We discussed what would our lives be like without cars? Students said things like I would have to wake up early, I couldn’t go to school and I wouldn’t have time to play. Then we watched a video about the Shinkansen, a Japanese innovation and how it revolutionized transportation around the world.


We have new contract tasks this week! We are doing math, writing essays about industries, making videos, reading and looking up words in the dictionary and sight words. Sight words are the 1,000 most common words. Learning sight words will help us with our confidence and reading comprehension.

For guided reading, we started reading a RAZ fiction series called Tommy Tales. There are 37 books in the series. Everyday we read a new one. The story is really exciting! After reading each book we write a summary about it in six sentences. Summarizing books helps develop our thinking and communication skills.

Last week we started a new unit in P.E. on movement. Sports Day is on July 12th and each elementary class will do a performance. This week, to get ready for our performance, we did a dance activity. Students warmed up by striking poses to various songs. This activity will help us to decide the song and choreograph a dance for our Sports Day performance.

今週は自習時間に新しい課題を行いました。算数や、産業についてのエッセイを書いたり、ビデオを作ったり、辞書で単語を調べたり、サイトワードを勉強しています。サイトワードでは1000語の頻出単語を勉強します。サイトワードを学ぶことで、自信がつき読解力の向上に役立ちます。ガイディッドリーディングは、Tommy TaleというRAZ本のフィクションを読み始めました。このシリーズには37冊あります。私達は、毎日新しい本を読みました。とても面白いお話です。それぞれの本を読んだ後、6文で要約(サマリー)を書きます。要約を書くことで思考力とコミュニケーション能力を高めることができますね。先週より、体育の授業では新しい運動をしています。7月12日のスポーツデイに向けて、小学部は各クラスでパフォーマンスを披露します。子今週は準備をするために、ダンスをしました。色々な曲で人目を引くポーズを取りウォーミングアップしました。曲決めとダンスの振り付けの何かヒントになると良いと思います。

It was a beautiful day in Matsumoto today so we played dodgeball outside for P.E. class in preparation for Sports Day!


Ms. Ellen brought some new toys back from here trip to America! We really enjoyed playing with Play Doh during our morning stations.


We sing English songs every morning at our morning meeting. This week we’re singing Taylor Swift!


Lunch time! 給食

Cleaning time! 清掃

Thank you for reading! We hope you have a great weekend! お読み頂きありがとうございました。良い週末をお過ごしください。