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Reflecting on Unit 1 ユニット1を振り返って

This week we completed our studies of unit 1: Jobs are Essential for Communities

We focussed all week on look back on what we did over the units and making “reflection” our key concept. Our reflection consisted of two parts.

1 – How did we feel about what we were learning? Did we understand? Was it fun? Interesting? Tricky? Why did we feel that way?

2 – What concepts and ideas did we study? How well do we feel we understood those ideas? Could we explain what those things mean?

We used a large variety of means of reflection. We created art, drew pictures, wrote sentences, looked at old photographs from the unit. This was all with the aim of thinking about and appreciating our time learning, as well as understanding what kind of learner we are.

On Friday we also completed the first unit of our PE study on running training. We went to Sky Park and used a real athletics track! Every elementary student, including Grade One, completed a 1km run! We then had a series of 100m races. At the end we talked about the importance of athletes is not necessarily winning, but enjoying the process of training, and trying to compete against ourself every time. I have added some of the pictures I took of the running event to this blog post, and I will add a separate blog post with more pictures this week!

On Monday we will start our new unit entitled “Global Homes”, and on Tuesday we will have class open day. I’m really looking forward to seeing our classes’ family members and letting you have a look at life in ISN Grade One! See you soon!

1  – 学んでいることについてどのように感じましたか?わかりましたか?楽しかったですか?面白い?難しかった?なぜそのように感じましたか?
2  – 私たちはどんなコンセプトやアイディアを勉強しましたか? これらの考えをどのくらい理解したと思いますか?これらコンセプトやアイディアの意味を説明できますか。