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2nd & 3rd Grade: May 20th -23rd

Hello from 2nd and 3rd grade! We had a busy, productive week at international elementary preparing for our final project. Every morning and afternoon, we developed the activities, made decorations and rehearsed for our final project.

There are four parts to our final project, the unit celebration—a speech, song, game and interview and survey. Students split up into four teams and worked together to create the content for their topic. Ms. Ellen was very impressed with everyone’s work ethic and cooperation skills. We finished one day faster than she expected!

After two days, we started making the decorations. As a group we decided to make a poster, flowers, paper chains, hats and a program. Art projects like these help us to be more open-minded.

We rehearsed many times. It was a lot of work!

We also decided our jobs for the festival. We need greeters and receptionists to make our guests feel welcome. We were very diplomatic when deciding which job we were going to do.

We can’t wait to see you tomorrow to show you what we’ve learned this unit! We hope you enjoy!

On Friday, May 17th a special guest visited International School of Nagano! Mr. Martin is originally from America, but lives in Japan now. He’s a professional drummer. He not only performed for us, but he also taught us the different parts of a drum set and what country they originated from. We also learned how to read music. Mr. Martin’s passion and talent for music was so inspiring!

Mr. Martin shared with us different kinds of drums from around the world and even gave us a chance to play them! At the end of the event we made our own band using our handmade musical instruments. Mr. Martin was really impressed with our English and said he enjoyed speaking to us. Thanks Mr. Martin for visiting us! We really enjoyed your workshop!

Before the workshop, we made our own musical instruments out of pet bottles. We spent a long time outside experimenting with different kinds of rocks, dirt and grass to see what combination makes the best sound.

Every morning during our morning meeting we sing an English song. This week we are singing “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana.

Everyday during our afternoon meeting we do reflections. We write two stars and a wish in our diaries. The stars represent two things we did well today and the wish is something we want to improve on the next day. It’s important to reflect on our day so that we can gain confidence and self-awareness.

Every morning we do guided reading. Sometimes Ms. Ellen reads to us and sometimes we read in pairs. This week read the book, New Years Celebrations. We learned about how different countries all over the world celebrate New Years.

Ms. Ellen will be going to America for two weeks. Mr. Jonathan will be subbing our class until June 7th. We are looking forward to doing unit one reflections with Mr. Jonathan. Have a great weekend!





5月17日(金)に、ISNへスペシャルゲストが来ました。Mr. マーティンはアメリカ出身ですが、現在は日本に住んでいます。彼はプロのドラマーです。ドラムを披露してくれただけでなく、ドラムセットのそれぞれのパーツや楽器の発祥地を教えてくれました。また楽譜の見方も学びました。マーティンさんの音楽に対する情熱と才能はとても感動的でした!マーティンさんは世界各国のさまざまなドラムを見せてくれ、実際に私達に触れさせてくれました。マーティンさんとのワークショップの最後には、自分達で作った楽器でバンドを結成しました。さらに、マーティンさんはISNの子ども達の英語のスピーキング能力に感銘を受け、一緒に話すことが楽しいと言ってくれました。ISNに来ていただきありがとうございました。本当に楽しいワークショップでした!


毎朝、朝の会では英語の歌を歌っています。今週は映画Moanaの”How Far I’ll Go”を歌いました。帰りの会では、振り返りをしています。私達は2つの星と一つの願いをジャーナル(日記)に書いています。星は今日良く出来たことです。そして願いは、翌日に改善したいことを書いています。みんなが自信と自己意識を育てていけるよう日々振り返りをすることは大切です。

毎朝、ガイディッドリーディングも行っています。時々、Ms. Ellenがみんなに読んだり、ペアになって読んだりもします。今週は、New Year Celebrationsという本を読みました。私達は世界中のさまざまな国がどのように新年をお祝いしているのか学ぶことが出来ました。

Ms. Ellenは来週から2週間アメリカに帰国します。6月7日まではMr. Jonathanが先生となります。Mr. Jonathanとユニット1の振り返りをすることを楽しみにしています。良い週末をお過ごしください。