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New Connections and Final Project! 新しい繋がりと最終プロジェクト

We have been so busy this week as we conclude our studies of “Responsibility”.

We went to the park next to Matsumoto Castle to interview a variety of people about who they are, what their responsibilities are, and how that connects them to the world around them. We interviewed people from the Netherlands, England, Australia, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany! It was really wonderful that we got to speak to so many people from so many countries. They were really impressed at how well we communicated with them.

The results of our interview are now being used to create our summative assessment, or our “final project” for the unit. We made large posters in previous weeks about a variety of jobs. During that time students were guided in terms of how they might want to present that information to make it clear. This time students have been given total freedom in what they want to include, and how they want to present it. It has been fascinating to see the interesting ways students have presented the results of their interviews, as well as the great social skills used to coordinate their efforts.

Another activity we have been deeply focusing on is daily guided reading and language exploration. Students have been practicing how to use a dictionary. Instead of just asking a teacher, students are now becoming more able to search by themselves. Every morning we have been reading a series of book about the adventures of a boy called Tommy and his friends. After we read together we take some quiet time to look up words we did not understand, and make a note of the words in our journals. It has been a really valuable activity and we will continue with this next week as well.

We have continued with our daily exercise routine, as we look forward to the ISN relay competition being held at Sky Park next week. Student have been monitoring each others’ progress, and enjoying moving our bodies in the lovely weather.

Our music lessons have become a little more tricky, but also fun. Now that we know to how use our recorders, and take care of them, we are now focusing on the rhythms and tones we can produce with our new instruments. It has been fun experimenting and playing together. It will be so exciting when we get to play a song from start to finish all together!

Our Math lessons have been progressing at a good pace, and before we go deeper into the Singapore math curriculum, we have spent some time reviewing what we know about place values, and the importance of the number 10 in mental arithmetic. We have also started using our diaries in a more complicated way by writing in the dates our important deadlines or events. We hope to do this regularly to advance our self-management skills.

Ms. Keiko’s lesson has been continuing very positively. We have been advancing our Japanese reading and writing, and gaining confidence in reading aloud in Japanese too. Our Japanese math curriculum has also been really enjoyable to work through, and Ms Keiko always makes our lessons enjoyable.

Next week we will have finished our summative assessment, and we will begin looking back at the whole unit, reflecting, and planning our goals for the next unit. Have a wonderful weekend!

そのほかに重点的に取り組んでいることは、日々のガイディッドリーディングと言葉調べです。皆で辞書を調べることを練習しています。ただ先生に聞くだけではなく、自分達で調べる事ができるようになってきました。毎朝、Tommy and his friendsという男の子の冒険のシリーズ本を読んでいます。皆で一緒に読んだ後、静かにする時間を取り、分からない単語を調べています。そして、ジャーナルに単語を書いています。これは、とてもためになる習慣(アクティビティ)になっていますので、来週も引き続き行っていきたいと思います。