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2nd & 3rd Grade: May 6th – 9th

Hello from elementary class grade 2 and 3! This week, for our unit of inquiry, we focused on two of our key concepts, special food features in celebrations and appropriate expressions in speaking and writing.

Food is an important aspect of celebrations and celebrations help strengthen human relationships, so we started exploring this concept by talking about topics that are already familiar with—food at Japanese festivals.

Students worked in pairs, chose a Japanese festival and then taught Ms. Ellen about the food associated with that festival. Students’ topics included New Years, Matsumoto Bonbon and Boy’s Day. Each pair decided how they wanted to share their information. Some pairs wrote sentences on a poster, some pairs made art and some used the projector.

Before doing our presentations we listened to Ms. Ellen’s presentation about Easter in America and discussed the qualities of a good presentation. Everyone’s presentations were creative and informative.

Japanese New Years food, osechi

To understand the difference between various speaking styles, we watched four videos—one of a speech, one of an interview, one of a presentation and one of a newscast. Students are in the process of discussing the similarities and differences and creating a Venn Diagram.

This week for contract tasks we worked in our math workbooks, made a video, wrote an essay and book review. We also read a RAZ book to Ms. Ellen and listed ten words related to celebrations. Our tasks were about the theme, celebrations and food.

Throughout the unit we’ve been categorizing all of the celebrations we are studying. This will help us to decide what kind of celebration we want to do for our final project.

Mr. Greg’s last day was April 26th so students organized a goodbye party during our afternoon meeting. They made heartfelt cards and gave him presents. They also sang him a song and said a goodbye speech. Good luck Mr. Greg! We’re going to miss you!

All elementary school students with Mr. Greg in Matsumoto

We continued running in P.E. class this week. We are now keeping track of our laps and seeing how many we can do in five minutes. Tracking our progress is helping our motivation. Everyone’s been working very hard!

Next week we are going to start preparing for our celebration on May 24th. We can’t wait to see you at International School of Nagano and show you our progress!