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The Immortal Grades 4, 5 and 6

Hello, everyone and welcome back to school after an extended holiday! The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the summer is getting nearer every day!
Since Tuesday was for many students the first day to see their friends after Golden Week, we have spent our morning honing our writing and presentation skills on the topic of everyone’s holidays. Some students traveled abroad while some visited amazing places across Japan. Before presenting, the students thought of an appropriate structure for their presentation that they stuck to while presenting, minding the time limit set, showing photos and carefully answering everyone’s questions. ✈️
Continuing the second Line of Inquiry of the current Unit of Inquiry, the students have read a book entitled “Life Spans”, talking about the life spans of various forms of life and the reasons why some animals live shorter and reproduce faster, while some live longer, at a slower pace and have less babies. The students had an idea of presenting their findings in form of a colorful poster, the making of which formed the majority of our morning activities in the following two days. They chose the life forms they want to present, searched the Internet and read the aforementioned book to gain more information and watched videos on the subject. Did you know that some butterflies live so short they don’t even eat once in their entire lives, that some types of seaweed can live up to 20,000 years and that one kind of jellyfish is actually immortal? From next week, we will focus on the development of humans. 🌿
Friday morning was an exciting one as well. To conclude a hard week of running in morning exercise time, all the students divided into four teams for the first ISN Elementary relay! The teams faced off two by two at first, with the winners of each group facing off each other at the end, fighting for the first place. All the races were very close and extremely exciting, as well as a good lesson on cooperation and facing both winning, but also loss. 🏃‍♂️
In order to keep track of all of those and more important events, the students have started leading their own school diaries. Every day, the students write their own notes on the day, reminders of important assignments they may have, books they have borrowed from the school library, reflections on the day behind them and their personal goals for the following day. The students will take the diary home with them every day for both the parents and the teacher to check. Most of the students seem very well organized and they have fully embraced the idea of having their personal calendar and planner. 📓
Thank you everyone for organizing your time in order to come visit the school for your meetings. The weekend ahead of us is supposed to be a warm, sunny one! Let’s enjoy it! ☀️
今週は、探究の単元の2つ目の探究の流れを引き続き学んでいます。Life Spans(寿命)という本を読みました。寿命が短い動物や早く繁殖する動物もいれば、ゆっくりと子どもを少なく産み長く生きる動物もいる理由など、様々な生命の寿命について話し合いました。カラフルなポスターで調べて分かったことを発表しようというアイディアが出てきました。そして、二日間は朝の活動の大部分がポスター作りになりました。自分が発表したい生き物を選び、インターネットで検索したり、本で調べたり、関連するビデオを見たりしました。一生で一度も食べない、とても短い寿命の蝶がいることを知っていましたか?2万年も生きる海藻の種類や不老不死のクラゲがいることを知っていましたか?来週から、人間の成長に焦点おいて勉強していきます。🌿
保護者面談にお越し頂きありがとうございました。 週末は天気がよさそうです。良い週末を! ☀️