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The Multiplication of Ideas アイディア増殖

Hello everyone. The spring has finally fully come to the school and the cherry blossom trees seen from our windows are in full bloom! The students get to enjoy a look at the wonderful pink fluffiness every day! 🌸
This week has started with the Grade 4, 5 and 6 students finishing their first Line of Inquiry of the year by making a big, 2-meter long poster on the topic. First, pairs of students worked on further inquiring into a topic of a specific law of cell theory by using the books available and the Internet. They presented their findings using text, drawings and images, which were later connected to make a class poster, telling the story of everything they have learned about cells. Please have a look at it in front of the classroom. 😊
The students were quick to remember everything they previously learned about life cycles of living things and have concluded that since every living thing is made of cells, everything made of cells has a life cycle. Why? Because the multiplication of cells is what causes growth! Multiplication was the key word in this week’s math lesson as well, so the students discussed how science is connected to math! 🧪
The second Line of Inquiry they are researching is “Every living thing has a life cycle” and the first part of our research saw the students watching videos and honing their writing skills on the topic of two baby pandas born in the Atlanta Zoo. We have seen them develop from small, powerless babies to big, strong, bamboo eating individuals. The students are practicing writing an essay with strict layout design that combines all their thoughts in a relevant and reader-accessible way. The students are getting a chance to practice their public speaking skills as well through presenting their work to their classmates. 🐼
The class’ afternoon activities should be mentioned as well. They are getting much more organized and swift with their cleaning activities and they are showing great cooperation skills in working with Grade 2 and 3 students and leading their own little cleaning teams. In their computer lessons, they have started learning about Logo, a simple computer language with no graphical interface, that requires the user to type in all the commands. This could be a wonderful doorway for the students into the world of major programming. Finally, they have also chosen the language they will be focusing on during Thursday’s individual learning time using computer software. A big number of students opted for Spanish, but some chose Chinese and Korean as well. 🗺️
This week, the class has had a special guest as well. Robert, a 7th grader from Atlanta, USA has visited Matsumoto to participate in a piano concert. He has visited the classroom for two days this week, which provided a wonderful opportunity for the students to have a chat with a native speaker their own age. We will be spending time with Robert next week as well. 😄
Have a nice, sunny weekend! See you next week. ☀️