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Zero Waste, Zero Cares

Hello, everyone! Sadly, the long awaited last week of the School Year 2018/2019 has come. This did prove to be a good opportunity to wrap up all the hard work the students have been doing on the last Unit of Inquiry. 😊
It all started already on Saturday, when students who attended the Saturday program were visited by the Minister of Education of Japan! The Minister was interested in how ISN works as a local, small town school that teaches students in English and follows the IB program. The students watched videos and discussed on the topic of Zero Waste – how families and even entire communities can live by only producing one jar of waste in a year or so. The students worked diligently on posters promoting the idea and decided that every individual need to take the first step towards zero waste, but we can’t do without the Government’s help either.
The students have completed their own assessment sheets that they have started the previous week. They reflected on their work in the previous three Units and their teachers have reflected on their work in Maths, writing, reading and presentation skills. The students have also worked hard on organizing the class’ rubbish allocation system and made four different recycle boxes out of craft, to store plastics, paper, food waste and non-recyclables. ♻️
Since the school work was mostly finished by Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday were more relaxed: the students enjoyed extended playtime outside (the days were sunny and beautiful!☀️) and inside and also saw two movies, together with grades 1 and 2. In “Wall-E”, the students learned more and discussed further about rubbish, recycling and why is it important for the Earth and for the people living on it to take care of our environment not only rely on technology. After watching “Rio” the grade 1 and 2 students shared their knowledge and ideas related to the preservation of nature, including animal poaching and deforestation, which they have explored in their Unit 6.
This was also the last week the student got to spend with their teacher, Miss Brigitte. She has been with ISN for many years and has taught some of the students from their days in Rainbow and Aurora classes. Thank you to everyone for wishing her safe travel and good luck on her new journey in Hokkaido and, thank you to Miss Brigitte for giving this school and its students all of her hard work, dedication, knowledge and fighting spirit through the years. ⭐💎