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Open School Day @ Upper Elementary Class 参観日

We’ve had some unexpected rain this past week, which forced the Upper Elementary Class students to stay inside for most of the week. 🌧️
They have still managed to have fun though! Thursday marked the School Open Day for the class and the students spent a big part of their Wednesday preparing for the big event. They have thought of all the things they wanted to show their parents and came up with a daily schedule that would work best in showing off all their skills.
They have decorated the classroom and the hallway with photos of all the hard work and projects they have done over the course of this year, completed with captions written by the students themselves. On the day, they decided to start off with their regular exercise routine, which, for a change, took place inside the school, cause of the rain. They performed the dances from last year’s successful Christmas performance and stretched their bodies, getting ready for another long day ahead of them.
After that, the students and the parents together watched the student’s speeches about their current Unit of Inquiry, dealing with rubbish, and the importance of recycling. Everyone’s speeches touched on some important topics, such as the problems with landfills and burning waste and showed off some very well developed presentation skills. After this, it was time for math, where the students’ problem solving skills were put to the test on a variety of new problems, ranging from picture puzzles to geometry using matches. 🧩
After lunch, the students taught their parents more on the importance of recycling, by hosting a craft corner, where they used old objects and materials they didn’t need anymore to make new things, such as bags and toys. The students have also served as tour guides around the school, showing their parents everything they were involved in in the classroom and beyond it. This spirit of presenting their strengths continued into the afternoon as well, as the parent-teacher conferences are taking place this week in the afternoon hours. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Thank you to all the parents for coming and responding to the children’s effort in such an enthusiastic way! It was a truly wonderful day for the students, getting to see all of their work from not only the current Unit of Inquiry, but also the entire school year, come together before their eyes. 🧡

今週は雨の日もあり、UECは教室内で活動することが多かったですが、みんな思う存分楽しんでいました! 🌧️
給食を食べた後、生徒達は、新しい物を作るために、必要ではなくなった古い物や材料を使ってバッグやおもちゃなどを作り、クラフトの展示をしました。そして、リサイクルの重要性についてお父さんお母さん達に説明しました。学校内やその周辺の案内もしました。午後のクラスや今週行われている三者面談でも、皆の強みを披露しました。👨‍👩‍👧‍👦    参観中は、子ども達の努力に熱心に応えてくれてありがとうございました。現在学んでいる探究の単元だけでなく、今年度学んできた探究の単元全ての成果を直接見て頂くことができ、子どもたちもとても嬉しかったと思います。そして、皆にとって素晴らしい一日になりました!参観日にお越し頂きありがとうございました。🧡