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We Are Zoologists! 動物学者になったよ!

Grades one and two have started their final unit for this year: Unit 6! It is entitled “zoology”!

The transdisciplinary theme is “Sharing the Planet”, and our central idea is “Human activities affect animals”.

We began by thinking about how animals are classified. How can we group animals? How can we separate them? What makes different groups of animals different from others? These are all big questions that even professional zoologists don’t all agree on.

Students took loads of photographs of animals and decided to separate them according to criteria that they decide upon. (see pictures). There were some really great ideas.

We then looked at how scientists separate animals, and we began with “vertebrates” and “invertebrates”. Instead of simply explaining the meaning, we played an animal quiz looking at many kinds of animals. I challenged the students to think about what the difference between the two groups could be.

“Poisonous and not poisonous?”

“Live in water and don’t live in water?”

“Cute and not cute?”

After a forty five minute discussion the students came to the answer BY THEMSELVES!


The whole class cheered when they realised they had got the correct answer!

We continued digging deeper and got more specific. We are currently researching insects, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. Specifically, what characteristics they share, what exceptions there are, and what makes each animal special.

Next week we are going to look more at some of the problems animals face due to human actions. One student was doing independent research, and noticed that the Japanese Otter is now extinct due to hunting and pollution. We will look deeper and see what other animals have faced challenges because of people.

It’s not all negative though, we will end our unit in a couple of weeks by looking at the positive impact conservation organisations are having on animals too.

For PE, we have continued to play hand tennis, and many students are showing great improvement. There were some really exciting games this week because we increased the number of players from 2 to 4 per game.

Parent-teacher-student conferences begin from this week. I’m really looking forward to talking with parents and students, celebrating our learning journeys, and planning for moving forward with positivity. See you soon!

Mr Jimmy

1年生と2年生は、今年度最後のユニット、ユニット6動物学を学び始めました。教科の域を超えたテーマは、Sharing the Planet/地球の共有です。そして、セントラルアイディア(中心となる考え)は、「人間の活動は動物に影響を及ぼす」です。どのように動物が分類されるかについて考えることから始めました。どのように動物をグループ分けできるかな?どのように分けることができるかな?それぞれの動物のグループが他の動物のグループと異なるのはどうしてかな?動物学者でさえも様々な意見があり、これらはとても大きな質問です。みんなで、沢山動物の写真を撮り、自分達で決めた基準に従ってそれらの写真を分けました。(写真をご覧ください!)いくつか本当に良いアイディアもありました。それから、科学者達がどのように動物を分類するかを調べ、脊椎動物と無脊椎動物で分類することから始めました。単に意味を説明するのではなく、様々な種類の動物を見て動物クイズを出して、この二つのグループの違いは何だろうと皆に考えて貰えるようにしました。




今週から3者面談が始まります。皆さんと今年一年の学びを振り返り、より良く来年度へ向けて準備・計画できるよう一緒にお話できることを楽しみにしています。Mr. Jimmy