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Meadow February 4-8

It’s the start of February and we have a brand new topic – Five Senses. These are touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing. This week we explored touch and taste – “we touch with our hands (skin) and taste with our tongues”.

2月の始まりです。新しいトピックに移り、 五感”Five Senses”について学び始めました。touch, taste, sight, smell, hearingについてです。今週は touch と tasteについてフォーカスし、手で触り、舌で味を見ることをしました。
What great fun we had swirling our fingers through soft,powdery flour. What happens when we add water to flour? It becomes sticky!!! A great sensorial experience.

What happens when we add flour, water, oil, food colouring, salt and knead them together? We get playdough!

Our good little risk-takers tried some food items presented to them – sugar, salt and lemon juice. A real treat for the palate – sweet, salty and sour! We captured some funny expressions.
Meadowクラスの小さな挑戦者たちは、sugar, salt , lemon juiceをそれとは知らされずに少量をなめてみました。甘い、しょっぱい、酸っぱい!!ここに何枚かの面白い表情を紹介します。

The week will not be complete without outdoor play. We finally get to go to the park with the milder weather. A few children re-enacted Setsubun’s Mamemaki yelling “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!”

We ended off the week with a fire drill. All ISN children were reminded of the following when we evacuate the building in case of fire:
Osanai 押さない Do not push
Hashiranai 走らない Do not run 
Shaberanai しゃべらないで Do not speak
Modoranai 戻らない Do not return 
Te 手 Cover your mouth with your hands
The children did really well and followed the above. Good job! 👍🏻 Till next week, have a fantastic long weekend. Happy Foundation Day!
全員で復唱することが出来ました。Good job!