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Achieving balance

Hello, everyone! The weather has been very interesting this past week. Last Friday, it snowed overnight, so the students got a chance to have snowball fights and build interesting structures (The Great Wall of China!) out of snow on Friday morning. This week, however, had several quite warm and several very cold days. It’s quite fun to guess what every day will bring! 🏔️
On Tuesday and Thursday this week, the students took part in the national Elementary students exam in Math and Japanese. Some claimed the test was quite easy, some thought it was really hard, but it was a nice chance to connect their Japanese lessons to the subject of study in their current Unit of Inquiry. They discussed the meaning and importance of testing and how thinks that might appear bad for the health of our heart and body, might be good for our mind, and vice versa. We also talked about the importance of rest and play while studying and how your mind’s health will be at an even higher level, if you allow it time to rest. It is important to be balanced in everything. 📚
Another topic talked about this week was microbes and germs, related to the RAZ book the students were reading, but also the recent epidemic of the flu. They read the book, watched videos on, and discussed the topics of microbes, their classification and proper care of our body. Thank you to the school for purchasing every class a set of disinfecting alcohol gel. It really helps in keeping those pesky bacteria at bay. 👩‍⚕️
The students’ summative task for this Unit moved into stage two this week: they have used their lifestyle logs from last week to make their weekly lifestyle planners: a plan of their activities for the current week in which they will try to improve their health, if only by a little bit every day. Some chose to eat more vegetables, some to go to bed earlier and some said they should wash their hands more often. Next week, let’s see who can stick to their resolutions. 📅
There is a long weekend ahead of us. Have fun, everyone! 🤩