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Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy heart

Hello, everyone, and thank you for coming to check out this blog week after week! We appreciate it!
This week, the Upper Elementary Class continued their research into the topic of health. They thought about the second Line of Inquiry of this Unit: “There are many benefits to a healthy lifestyle.” Having a healthy body, mind and heart isn’t just a benefit in itself, it also improves the quality of almost all aspects of the daily life of ourselves and others. 👨‍⚕️
The students read about the life and work of more inspiring people this week. They saw a movie about the life of Ben Carson, an inspiring surgeon who used both his intellect and his strong spirit and perseverance to becoming one of the best surgeons in his field, famously operating on conjoined twins in 1989. The second one was Francis Ouimet, the golfer mentioned last week. The story of him winning a tournament was so exciting, that the students could stop themselves from cheering on to victory and even shedding a few tears when he failed to win. The third one was Nikola Tesla, a scientist who had a brilliant brain, but fell victim to other people’s lack of heart. 💡
The class has also started to split in two groups on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays afternoon. For 45 minutes each day, one group will be studying English language writing and grammar, while the other explores Math. The students started coming back into their Contract Time duties as well. This is a way for students to get all of their schoolwork done, but in their own pace, which also helps them develop organizational skills and plan ahead. On Monday morning, the students have also written about the events of their past weekend. Some of them chose to present their writing to their classmates and teachers. They learnt about what makes for an interesting and engaging piece of writing and presentation.
This week, Yuuki I. surprised everyone with wonderful photos she has brought from her family trip to Kyushu, as well as the stories that went along with them. She arranged flowers, ate lots of yummy foods and even tried surfing. 🏄
Have a  lovely weekend!