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Transportation Diorama – G1

Hello, everyone!


We’ve been very busy these past days since we had to finalize our diorama project for transportation. Before starting the project, we first had to talk about what a diorama is because the word is something new to us. We were given examples on how it looks like and we tried to come up with the definition based on our observations.


We also had a toy sorting activity. We were divided into groups and each member needs to name the type of transportation inside the box. If ever we get it right, then the group will be able to keep it. Then we had group the toys into the different modes of transportation. The toys we were able to keep were used for our diorama making. Most of the toys were land and air transportation that’s why we had to make crafts, origami, drawing, Legos etc. for our water transportation.


It took us almost two (2) weeks to finish our diorama. We enjoyed planning and decorating with our members. We thought that Grade 2 students will be able to visit our room because we practiced on how to present that diorama. However, because it is already alert level 6 for corona, we were not able to invite them. We just decided to visit each team’s work and gave feedback and comments right after.


Knowing the different types and modes of transportation using the toys, crafts, origamis and Legos were not just fun but also an interactive way for us to learn. I hope you could visit our room and see our works.


Thank you for reading!