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Everything New – G1

Hello, everyone! This year we finally met our new classmate. She lived in Thailand and finally came back to Japan to study. She loves Thai food like chicken. Her birthday is in December. Please say hi to her when you meet her. She loves making new friends.


Welcome to Unit 5! In this new unit we will be talking a lot about transportation not just in our city but around the world.


We first read a book about the different ways students from different parts of the country travel from home to school. Then, we drew examples of the types of transportation we know and use Legos to show the class the different types we created in our team.


The next day, we interviewed teachers and students at school and asked them about their experiences when travelling to school. We wanted to know what kind of transportation they used from preschool to university. We also wanted to know if it changed and the reason why it changed. We took note of the answers and tried to look for similarities and differences.


Another activity that we did was a word search puzzle. Instead of answering a ready made one, we first listed all the types of transportation we see in Matsumoto City. Then we created our own word search puzzle. We then exchanged and answered the puzzles created by our classmates. Others were easy but some were not. We then filled in a table and listed all the types of transportation we found on our puzzles. On the other side, we discussed with our teams and then with the class the reasons on why we need that specific kind of transportation in our community.


The next thing we did was to create a crossword puzzle using types of transportation found in Japan and not just in Matsumoto. We have to think of words that describe the types of transportation.


Finally, we watched and discussed about the types of transportation around the world. We presented it using a table or grids. We listed the names and the place/country of origin.


Thank you for reading. We will keep you posted on the next outputs. See you!