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Cultural Fair – Let's Travel the World -G1

Before the summer program, we held a Cultural Fair in the classroom. We divided the class into four teams and created a poster for each topic. The four mini booths were for clothing, houses, food and games. We then prepared our room and arranged the tables for our visitors to be comfortable in class.

皆さんこんにちは。サマープログラムの前に、G1クラスでは「Cultural Fair」を開催しました!クラスを4つのチームに分け、テーマごとにポスターを作成しました。テーマは服、家、食べ物、ゲーム。それぞれのミニブースにてポスターや作品を使って紹介しました。そして、ビジターが楽しんで学んでいけるように、教室の準備とテーブルの配置を行いました。

We were able to invite some teachers and students. The teachers who came were Mr. Martyn, Ms. Atsuko, Ms. Priscilla, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Aiko. We were glad to see the happy faces of Rainforest class and G2 class. We all had fun sharing our works and answering all of their questions.


I hope you could visit our classroom for our next fair.


Thank you for reading!