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Natural Disaster Experiments – G2

Unit 3 is about Natural Disasters. The central idea is “People around the world experience and respond to many kinds of natural disasters.”
ユニット3は「自然災害」がテーマです。中心となるアイデアは、”世界中の人々が様々な種類の自然災害を経験し、それに対応している “というものです。

Line of Inquiry 1 is all about learning different types of natural disasters. So far, we’ve discussed floods, earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, landslides and volcanic eruptions. The students were split into groups and gathered information (such as causes and effects) about the natural disaster they’re assigned to present by researching. They gathered important facts, printed photos and made creative posters!

The students performed several experiments such as earthquake simulation, landslide and tsunami to better understand how each natural disaster occurs as well as to learn some possible ways to lessen its negative effects.

One example is when they did the landslide experiment. One big container had mixed soil, mud and rocks (which served as the land) and houses (made of cardboard) were placed on it. The second container had the same materials but this time, there weren’t only houses but also many trees on the land.

When water was poured on both containers, it showed that the container with trees had less damages because they protected the houses from getting destroyed by the landslide. Tree roots help make the soil stable, preventing houses from moving with the land. The students learned that planting trees is one helpful way to lessen the damages of a landslide!

If you want to try the landslide experiment at home, please prepare these materials: 2 rectangular storage containers, soil, mud, rocks, cardboard houses, trees made out of paper and water.

Fill both containers with the same amount of soil, mud and rocks. Mix altogether and form a slope. Place cardboard houses on top of mixed materials for both containers. In one container, place trees to surround the houses. Sprinkle water on top of both slopes and see the difference in the results.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you enjoyed and learned something! Have a lovely long weekend!