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First grade 3 blog of the year!

Hello and Happy New Year from grade 3. We hope that you enjoyed beautiful and peaceful holidays. The year started off pretty slowly, especially because we had just come off the festive holidays. The resumption of school saw grade 3 begin new unit as well, all about our rights and responsibilities and with the added knowledge of government systems, past and new.


The new unit has been met with great knowledge and fresh minds, which has been a pleasant surprise. The assumption was that the students would struggle to grasp and take well to the big governmental terms and definitions but they have been outstanding so far. This week began with students preparing slideshow presentations in groups, about some of the more popular government systems such as democracy, monarchies and more.


This exercise took the students about 3 days to complete, 2 days were spent on preparing the slideshow presentations, and only 1 day to present it to the class. The students did a fine job of researching and presenting their findings quite well. We may have to work on our paraphrasing skills, as some struggled with this task but overall all the teams did a commendable job.


Thursdays was a cold day, with temperatures dropping to -10 degrees in some parts of Matsumoto. Could this have deterred the students from going barefoot and enjoying P.E with short sleeved t shirts? Absolutely not, as they played a fun game of basketball shooting hoops. Thoroughly enjoyed, and we also started learning and researching about our rights and responsibilities. The concept is still unclear to the students which will be what we discuss this coming Friday. We are certainly looking forward to a good Friday, that will include 1 music lesson and some art. I hope you all have a great weekend and, see you next week.