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G3- Space is the Place!


The Central Idea for this unit has been the topic of Space and it’s exploration and benefits. We began by considering the solar system where we find our home planet, Earth, and via this we considered the awesome size and scale of the Universe. For example, the Earth’s circumference is 40,0075km and the distance from the Earth to the sun? Over 150 million km. That’s quite a distance for sure. However, the distance to the next star in out solar system? Only 40.14 trillion km. Wow… space is truly big!

How big?
Planets in our classroom


The students are currently working towards their final project which will involve a presentation of a space project that their groups have created. The presentation requires a model as well as a Powerpoint style overview of what their project does. An audience will then decide as to whether their project will receive funding. Good luck one and all. Live long and prosper!


So what began several weeks ago with a few wood lice gathered during recess has since blossomed into encounters with crickets, dragonflies, grasshoppers and small lizards. It has been a real joy to witness the expressions of wonder and surprise during their observations and interactions with the various creatures. It has also been truly inspiring to behold students desire to learn about their various new play friends. Keep on exploring Grade 3!

Have a nice week everyone!