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2nd & 3rd Grade: May 13th – 16th

Our class had a productive and interesting week! We continued with our inquiry topic, “appropriate expressions in speaking and writing”, and practiced using a tool, the Venn diagram. We learned that the diagram helps us to show similarities and differences.

We talked about various modes of speech and then about writing. For example, when analyzing writing, we read a news article and looked at an invitation. (Both of these relate to our celebrations theme.) We described each type of writing and then answered the questions, “How are these types of writing similar?” “How are these types of writing different?” As IB learners, we are working hard to become better thinkers and communicators.

This week, we also started preparing for our final project— creating our own festival. We applied the knowledge and skills we learned throughout the unit to develop the schedule, theme, color scheme and to decide what participants are going to wear. This required group decision making. We also used our diary calendars to write the schedule of what we need to accomplish next week to prepare for the festival. This will help us stay on track!

For our first festival activity we made invitations for our parents, friends and ISN staff members. Before creating them, we looked at example invitations and discussed the important information needed for invitations. Students’ original work was so creative! We hope you like our festival invitations.

Spring is our festival theme so we explored words associated with spring.

Another festival activity involved interviewing our diverse international ISN staff about festivals and food in their home countries. It was so interesting to learn about England, Croatia, America and Mexico and to practice our interviewing skills. We are lucky to be able to complete this activity right in our own school! Thank you, Mr. Jimmy, Mr. Igor, Mr. Greg and Mr. Jonathan for talking with us

Every afternoon we worked on our contract tasks. We are working extra hard this week to complete our tasks by Friday so we can go outside during break time. We had a challenging assignment this week—to do a research project using the Internet for sources. Ms. Ellen displayed ten different pictures of international festivals and we each chose one festival to research and write about.

This week during guided reading time we studied adjectives. We looked at pictures of festivals from around the world and described them using adjectives.

On Friday, May 10th we ran relay races in P.E. Students from all our elementary school classes split into four teams. Everyone worked really hard! The races were so close!

We played the recorder in music class!

For Golden Week, Nayl went to Thailand. He showed us pictures and a video from his trip. It was a really great opportunity for Nayl to practice his presentation skills. Thank you, Nayl! We really enjoyed your presentation!

See you on Friday, May 24th from 9:15 – 10:15 at International School of Nagano, Matsumoto for our unit celebration. We are looking forward to strengthening human relationships in our community!



それから、今年度最初のユニットの最終プロジェクトのために、お父さんお母さん、お友だち、ISNスタッフメンバーに招待状を作りました。作成に入る前に、招待状のサンプルを見て、招待状に必要な重要な情報を話し合いました。子ども達のオリジナル作品はとても工夫して作られていました!春(スプリング)がフェスティバルのテーマなので、春に関連する言葉を調べました。もう一つのアクティビティは、ISNスタッフに母国のお祭りや食べ物についてインタビューすることです。イギリス、クロアチア、アメリカ、メキシコについて学び、インタビュースキルを練習することも出来てとても面白かったです。キャンパス内でこの活動をすることができてラッキーでしたね。Mr. Jimmy, Mr. Igor, Mr.Greg, Mr. Jonathan、インタビューを受けてくれてありがとうございました。






来週、24日(金)9:15 – 10:15 に、島内キャンパスでお会いしましょう!私達コミュニティのつながりを深められることを楽しみにしています。