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Medicinal Plants & Pandemics – G4

Good day and hope all is well and fine with you.


This week we began by looking at medicinal plants and considering how they help us and how to identify them.


We worked in pairs creating posters about what we found interesting about the plants and shared our findings in a roundtable group presentation.


Some of the plants we looked at included, Comfrey, Garlic, Ginger, Dandelion and Yarrow.


Next, we looked at pandemics in human history.


We began by looking at The Black Death of 14th Century Europe and The Spanish Flu of the early 20th Century in Europe too. These were both fairly gruesome and gave some cause for alarm. They also brought home how deadly pandemics can really be and how important it is to observe preventative measures


We then moved on to researching in pairs about various other pandemics from around the world.


We will present our findings with the other class members on Friday morning.


Hope you have a nice week and stay healthy!