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Grade 4’s Final Unit

Gosh, it seems strange writing those words. Is this really the final unit for this year’s Grade 4? My, how time flies.


I hope this finds everyone well and healthy and coping with the colder sanp of weather we are currently experiencing.


This is often the time of year when people become unwell with all sorts of illnesses and non-coincidentally Grade 4 have begun looking at the fascinating world of viruses and bacteria.


We have begun this new unit by discussing times in our lives when we became unwell, what happened to us and how we became better.


We then moved on to creating posters explaining the various ways that people become ill.


In the final part of this week we will look at poisonous plants from around the world and how to identify them.


Next week we will begin to look more closely at different diseases and medicines and be asking questions such as, what is the difference between viruses and bacteria? what effect do medicines have on us? how do viruses and bacteria get around?


Hope you can tune in next week to further share with us in our explorations and discoveries.


Stay safe!