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Safe and Well – G4

Hello everyone,

I hope this finds you warm and well and most importantly, safe.

皆さんこんにちは。 皆様が暖かく、元気で、そして何より安全であることを祈っています。

It appears that Coronavirus has raised it’s head once more and shaken things up for our school community.


Thankfully, we are slightly better practiced for dealing with this now and as of today’s online classes, everyone seems to know what they are doing.


I hope it doesn’t cause too much distress for everyone and we bear in mind that the darkest hour is always just before the dawn.


Thank you as well for coping with the setback in our small business plans. We are aware that students had already invested in materials before this disruption.


This morning we discussed the schedule and the class decided that when we return to school on the 14th, we will use that week to sell our products. So all is not lost, thankfully.


Hope you have a nice week and get outside if you can to get some fresh air and sunshine. Nature’s very own tried and trusted remedy.


Take care and be safe.