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Open for business – G4

Welcome once again one and all.


I do believe there was a glimmer of Spring this week. More likely the first sign of thawing. Regardless the weather, I hope this post finds you well and glad.


In the G4 classroom this week, we began by sharing our thoughts and ideas on how some major global companies could better serve the natural world.


Some wonderful ideas were offered from offering more plant based foods at fast food restaurants to finding alternative methods of manufacturing PC’s and gaming consoles.


A brighter, greener future was most definitely preferable.


We then began work on our Summative Assessment project. The class has been tasked with starting a company and selling a product or service within the school community. And to make it even easier, they have just over 1 week to complete this project.


What could go wrong, yeah?

Should your child ask to borrow money for this, please be aware that you are under no obligation to do so. However, please take a moment to listen to their business proposal and also be aware that the project requires them to repay any borrowed money from their sales first.


Any profits generated thereafter will be split equally between a gift for the G4 classroom and a charitable organization.


We look forward to doing business with you.


Have a nice week and take care.