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“We Welcome 2022”


It’s nice to be back to school with good memories from our long holidays. We came back this week with a great delight on our face.

✅ Phonics and Tracing Small Letters

This week, we reviewed the phonics C /c/ cat 🐱 , E /e/ engine 🚂, B /b/ butterfly 🦋, D /d/ duck 🦆, and A /a/ airplane ✈️ by matching the letter with the object with the same starting alphabet. We also traced the small letters q, r, s, t, u, and v. We got better and faster with our tracing activities. Tracing helps us refine our pre-writing skills, and builds the foundation for drawing and writing letters and words which we will be doing at the later part of our learning.

✅ Music Lesson

Aurora class has been practicing how to play the keys, do re mi with pianica with the song Daisukina-pan. We tried our very best to remember the song as we played the keys with our right hand at the same time.

✅ Park

Yayyy, we walked to the park with our hat and jacket on. We had so much fun playing together, communicating naturally and interacting socially as we play independently.

Have a safe weekend everyone.