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Aurora September 2-6

We say Goodbye to Summer days, outdoor pool and Hello to Autumn walks to the park! Aurora resumed our park fun this week. The class walked well two by two to our pirate ship playground.


Gym session was a rehearsal for our upcoming Sports Festival. Aurora joined the other preschool classes in our practice for the events. We tried a full length race and the opening ceremony. Good job for a first rehearsal! 👍🏻

September is the start of another Unit of Inquiry (UOI) for the transdisciplinary IB theme “How We Organise Ourselves”. The concept of recycling was introduced to the class. For example, PET bottles can be recycled into new water bottles and even jackets. The class was shown garbage bags for Matsumoto City. The students also examined plastic bottles and looked for the recycle sign ♻️ and PET. We watched a short video clip on recycling.
ユニット2「私たちは自分たちをどのように組織しているか」での新しい探求テーマの学習もスタートしました。UOIレッスンでは、リサイクルとはどういう事かをみんなに説明しました。例えば、ペットボトルは又同じようなボトルとしてリサイクルされたり、ジャケットにリサイクルされたりもします!みんなに松本市で使われている、分別用のゴミ袋も見せました。また、ペットボトルをよく見てもらい、リサイクルサイン ♻️を見つけたり、PETと書かれた文字を見つけたりしました。リサイクルに対して更に理解を深めるため、短いビデオも見ました。

In Music class, Aurora students were paired up. Then we clapped to the rhythm of the music. We pretended that we were like the wind – soft gentle breeze and strong gusty winds!

We reviewed our numbers – counting objects accurately and number recognition. We rote count to 50 with a numbers song. We also completed a number search task. Till next Monday, au revoir!