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Aurora June 24-28

This week was a round up of our IB PYP Transdisciplinary theme “Who We Are”. Each student recapped the units with a little presentation about themselves. “I am ____. I like _____. ” They did well 👍🏻. We start on a new theme next month.
IBのテーマである”Who We Are-私は誰”のまとめの週です。”I am ○○. I like○○.”と質問にもこたえられ、みんなよく理解できていました。来週から新しいテーマで学んでいきます。楽しみですね!

Gym was all about stretches, flamingo balance and hopping one leg two legs! We had a hula hoop course.

This month of June we have been practising our fantastic phrases. The students can say “How are you? I’m fine thank you. How old are you? I’m 4 years old” What good manners! Aurora really enjoyed our monthly song and dance too. Do see the video link below – Debbie Doo’s Roll Your Hands and Disney’s Zip-a-dee-doo-dah.
今月のフレーズ、”How are you? I’m fine thank you. How old are you? I’m 4 years old”は、日常や遊びの中でも使い子ども達も上手に言えています。今月のダンスと歌は、子ども達はお気に入りでノリノリで踊っています。下にリンクを貼ってありますので、またお家でも聞いてみてください。

Aurora has been taking good care of their themselves. We had a body check up by a doctor and we were given a clean bill of health! Everyday before nap time, we take care of our teeth too.

For the upcoming Star Festival, the students used scissors and did some good cutting. We made lanterns and made wishes! “When I grow up, I want to be….” We talked about our wishes. Answers from the children ranged from being a Rabbit, Cinderella working in a restaurant to being fire fighters, patissiers, dentists, doctors, vets and Mickey Mouse when they grow up!😊

With heavy hearts, we say farewell to our dear Ms Ayako who will be on her maternity leave starting next week. We will miss her terribly.😚 Enjoy motherhood Ms Ayako! We will miss you… sob sob!!
寂しいですが、私Ms. Ayakoの最終日です。毎日、子ども達はお腹に話しかけ撫でてくれて、たくさんの元気パワーを私とお腹の子に分けてくれました。保護者の皆さまからも、暖かい励ましの言葉とプレゼントを頂き感謝しきれません。本当に恵まれた環境の中で、最後まで充実した日々が過ごせ、私も赤ちゃんも幸せでした。See you on Monday!!と言ってしまいそうになるくらい実感はありませんが、ゆっくりと過ごして赤ちゃんを迎える準備をしたいと思います。本当にありがとうございました!!I miss you all so much!!

Unfortunately, due to bad weather in Shiojiri we could not have our bus trip. We will postpone it till a later date. However, we did have an outdoor picnic with all the lovely bento lunches that were prepared! Thank you Mummies! Perhaps the next bento lunches can be made by Daddies. 😊✌🏻Have a fantastic weekend.