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Aurora June 3-7

“On Monday, he ate through one apple. But he was still hungry.”  🐛 This week, the popular story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle gave us days of enjoyment. We reviewed days of the week with that book. We learned names of different types of food, fruits and vegetables. We counted the number of fruits the hungry caterpillar ate. We discussed and classified fruits and vegetables. We tried saying the big word “stomachache”. From the greedy caterpillar, we learned that vegetables are good for you. “On Sunday, he ate one nice green leaf. And after that, he felt much better.” 👍🏻
“月曜日 りんごを1つ食べました それでも あおむしは お腹はペコペコ”
今週は、海外でも日本でもとても人気の高いエリック カールの”はらぺこ あおむし”を取り入れ楽しみました。この本では、曜日や数の復習と共に、たくさんの野菜と果物の種類を学びました。いろいろな物を食べすぎたあおむしは”stomachache”お腹が痛くなってしまいました。でも、葉っぱを食べる事で元気になり、”野菜は私達の身体にとてもいい物だ”という事もみんなで話し合いました。
“日曜日 あおむしはみどりのはっぱをたべました とてもおいしい はっぱでした おなかの具合もすっかりよくなりました”

Aurora examined some vegetables that were brought to class – Japanese mustard spinach, ocra, cucumber. We found out that ocra is sticky! Then each student picked a picture of  a favourite fruit or vegetable to colour in.

The class did well with writing the letter H this week. Hh for house, hippopotamus, helicopter, Hiroto, Himari! Aurora has been working hard on using good writing grip. We teach them “1,2,3” – using thumb, index and middle fingers (the tripod grasp) to hold crayons for colouring and writing. At this age, we provide jumbo triangular grip crayons to help them. Practice makes perfect but we must remember to encourage their efforts.
“H”-House 家、Hippopotamus カバ、helicopterヘリコプター、それからHから始まるお友達の名前も確認しながら練習をしました。3本の指で持って書くよ。と持ち方も教えるとみんなその事に気を付けてクレヨンを握る事ができました。

In the month of June, we will focus on these phrases for our conversations – “How are you? I am fine, thank you. How old are you? I am 4 years old”. In addition, the class practise using situational phrases when they carry out their classroom jobs. In Aurora, every day, a different child is assigned as Line Leader. The Line Leader is the first in line, counts the number of children present, and carries the basket of cups. For Afternoon Snack, the Line Leader provides tissue for his friends and says “take one, please” and “you’re welcome” when they thank him. We are really proud of how well Aurora students take to their tasks! 👏🏼 Bravo!
今月は、いくつかのフレーズ(How are you? I am fine, thank you. How old are you? I am 4 years old)を私達の会話の中にも取り入れていきました。また応用で、クラスのお仕事で毎日リーダーを交代で行なっています。そのリーダーは、ラインリーダーといってその日の並ぶ先頭に立ったり、うがいのカップカゴを運んだり、午後のおやつの口拭きティッシュを”take one please1枚取ってください”とみんなに声をかけて回ってくれます。自分の番が、3週目となる今はとても上手にリーダーのお仕事をしてくれています。

For our trips to the park, we’ve been carrying our water bottles with us. We keep cool as we play in the sun. Have a wonderful weekend!