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Aurora May 20-24

Warm greetings to all. This week, our 4 year old kindergarteners walked to a park near the school. They walked two by two holding hands and kept to pedestrians safety rules. Well-done! They have to be vigilant and listen to the teachers’ instructions at all times. They made it to the new park, had fun and back to school safe and sound! 😊👍🏻

In Gym class, the children started out with good stretches and warm ups. Then it was hula hoop mania!! The instructor had a series of activities. We jumped in and out of the pink hoops. We twirled them around our bodies. The best part was rolling and running after the hula hoops. Good practice for hand-eye coordination, agility and control!

Aurora is improving in keeping up with the beats in Music class. With the castanets, they have more self control – listening to the music, tapping on the castanets and even singing along. They move their bodies in synchrony to the music. Great job our little Musicians!

Tomorrow is Aurora’s Open Day! We look forward to showing Parents how we learn and play. Till then, au revoir!