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Aurora February 4 – 8

We hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a fun week exploring more about patterns, helping animals, and many other activities.
Monday we continued our lessons with the pianica and writing practice. Tuesday we had a lesson about veterinarians before the pool and how they help animals big and small. The students have been enjoying our lessons with Spot our class pet (stuffed animal) and his adventures. Wednesday we went to the gym.

Every day during the week our afternoon lessons rotate between patterns and phonics. The students enjoy the pattern lessons and with the phonics lessons, some have started spelling small words and spelling their names.
Afternoon Circle Timeでは、フォニックスのレッスンとパターンを作るレッスンを交代で行っています。子どもたちはどちらのレッスンも興味を持って取り組んでいて、大文字と小文字のカードを使って簡単な単語や自分の名前を作ることが出来る子もいます。

Thursday we played outside instead of going to the park and then Friday we took the bus to the park. The students have been enjoying the nice weather outside lately even though Thursday was a little windy.
We hope everyone has a nice long weekend!