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Aurora January 7-11

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the new year with friends and family. The students were all very excited to be back at school. They also loved telling us about everything they did over the vacation.
Monday was our first music lesson of the new year. We practiced rhythm during the class. Tuesday was our pool day and our first lesson of our last unit this school year. It’s about sharing the planet. We will be talking about animals and what habitats they live in. The first activity we had them place animals in each habitat just to see what they already know so we could expand on it Thursday and Friday.
月曜日は、今年初のミュージックレッスンがあり、リズムを取ることを練習しました。火曜日はプールに行き、今年度最後に学ぶのユニット4「Sharing the Planet(地球の共有)」の学習をスタートさせました。様々な動物とその動物たちの生息地について話し合います。最初の活動は、みんながどのくらい知識があるのかを知るために、動物たちの写真を見せて、それらの動物たちの住んでいる場所(森、海、牧場、砂漠、陸と水中)の紙に貼りつけてもらい、木曜日、金曜日に行うレッスンの準備をしました。
Wednesday was our first gym class of the new year and we did a lot of running. The students also practiced crawling and jumping. One activity half the students made a tunnel while the other half crawled through. The last thing they did was some jumping exercises with a rope. After gym class, the students learned about some new years games. It was fun seeing them work together and also helped them learn about directions.

Thursday and Friday was our lesson time and our time for the park. The students really enjoyed learning about the different habitats. Thursday they learned about the ocean and forest habitat, then on Friday they learned about the desert, farm, and water/land habitat.

Friday we had an emergency drill. This one was to teach the students what to do when a lotterer is on campus. The students did a great job. After that we had lesson and then went to the park again.
We hope everyone has a great weekend!